Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 89; That Goofy Heart.

Day 89; Operation Deployment.

i got the cutest Afghanistan email tonight.
i'm not sure if he would want me to post it, but it's too cute not to.
my husband has never been good with words. his jumbled up sentences and misplaced words.
but every word he has ever said, has made me fall in love with him more.

"here is something a little different for ya i wrote last night, i didnt do any corrections to it just wrote it as i thought it out.   

your beauty to me,
its not just your stunning looks
or your perfect smile
its your kindness and strength
that push our hearts together
your softening voice as i hear
the words i love you
and ill see you soon
screw it girl i want to bring
you that moon
shoot i know its an oldschool
thing, but for you ill do anything
your warm soft hands that reach me deeply
i always love it when you lotion me weekly
your soft hair as i lay holding you tightly
god i love kissing you lots and lots nightly
forever forever is my promise to you
till this day i try to hold it true
your beauty to me
its all of you wrapped in one gift
and outta all the millions out there in this world
i happened to be swift
and pick that perfect gift
your beauty to me is holding our child
together in a picture and of course some on our
trips to disney gone wild
i know im not the greatest at putting this together
but i just want you to know i want things to get better
for better for worst we will always be there for one another
ill do my best to care for you because there is no other
just me you, and now our newborn
your beauty to me is everything about you
even the way you make your mean faces
they always leave images in my head like traces
i love you kimberly no matter what when how or why things change
i wont ever change that so better be ready
our lives are not going to be steady
they are gonna be fun and filled with life
lots of children maybe even five.
i love you beyond this world                

love and miss you your hubby Michael"

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