Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 76; Crazy Girl.

Day 76; Operation Deployment.

this is my happy Husband. :)
and i love him very much.

today i woke up to an Afghanistan phone call. we usually only talk maybe Friday to set up an internet date and then follow through. but lately he can't even get halfway through the week and not die to call me. he's pretty sweet like that.
but then we got to ATTEMPT a skype date tonight. it really bugs me that they have to pay 10 dollars a day to use to piece of shit internet that barely works, but i guess it's better than nothing.
Ryder and i hung out with Aunt Amber and Cousin Brydan for a little bit, and i hope they know how much we LOVE them! and will always be there for them.
and battled out heat box of our house! and took a nap.
Mike and i instant messaged for a little while and he was telling me how he was listening to music during work and Nickelbacks "Never Gonna Be Alone" came on and he immediately thought of me. he said, if i ever feel lonely, to listen to it. because that's almost exactly how he feels. and we all know how he is with words. and i heard "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Young Band today and started smiling and it brought tears to my eyes because i know those words are something Mike would say. 
i can honestly say, things between us are slowly getting better. things seem to be cleared up, we are both, what i assume, are on the same page. he hasn't talked to those skanks in almost a month. [i know i posted about it a few weeks ago, but the messages were last dated almost a month ago.] and he is treating me a lot better. i was also talking to my mother in law today a little about it, because she texted me telling me not to worry about those people, that they are just jealous and don't know what it's like having something that we have. and that they all need to move on with their lives and leave us alone. she understood my reasoning and saw what i saw about all his friends, and made me feel better about going to Indiana. she gave me hope that Mike HAS changed, and he's going to care more about showing off his son than drinking and doing things wrong. it just blew my mind. you know her and i aren't the best of friends, but it really meant a lot to me that she'd say something like that. even with her, i believe things are starting to slowly get better.
once again, i have Hope.

His mom is in Michigan camping in the UP. he didn't know that until i told him and he said, it made him kind of sad. the last time he was there was the time we started talking, and when he got back from the drive, he hopped on his bike and came to meet me. and we have been inseparable ever since. it brought back a ton of memories for the both of us. the first weeks were the best, where we fell in love and nothing else mattered. i hope one day, we can get back to that place.
i love you, Michael Patrick.

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