Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 73; Adventures in the Desert.

Day 73; Operation Deployment.

first, i'd like to start this with simply saying that it wasn't me who deleted my husbands facebook. sure, i had thought about it, yeah, i knew his password. but i didn't. why should i? what would it mean if i did it for him? nothing at all to me! it meant a lot to me that he did delete it, and he did it for multiple reasons. the fact that I'm still accused of running his life goes to show what little people know. and how they have no idea who Mike has become. everyone must think he's too stupid to make his own choices and that i make every one of them for him. that isn't the case, he's a grown ass man. and for once in his life, he's doing things the way they need to be done. ask him yourself, if he decides to waste his time. time is limited. and it's either call your buddies and bullshit about cars, alcohol, and hoes. or call your wife and talk about the latest thing your son did. hmmm. not so tough a choice here folks! stop assuming shit. you make an ass outta yourself.

anyway, today actually turned out pretty damn awesome.
i had been battling a Migraine for about 24 hours, so wee man and i just stayed in bed and snuggled all day even though it was hot. i love days like these. he's been getting really clingy lately and right now, i don't mind at all. if we're laying facing each other, he scooches toward me and puts his hand on my chest. or grabs onto my shirt so that i won't leave him. it's pretty darn cute. once when we woke up, he was wide awake, just talking to Bink, who he held in his hands. he was all into the conversation, silly baby. and he has been smiling a whole lot more, just at everything. he brings tears to my eyes, how happy he is to be alive! and i know he will be much, much happier, when our family is complete! [4 more babies!]

Amber, Brydan, Ryder, and I all went to see Pirates 4 and Prom at the drive in. where we just sat and talked and had girl time while the boys slept. for awhile Ry was wide awake and all into the movie. how alert and focused he was, amazed me! i always love spending time with Amber, who is practically my sister. it never feels awkward, we're always open and honest, and we always tend to have the same opinion on everything. there's never a dull moment between us. and our impulsive Walmart runs at midnight. When we get to the parking lot, we see these flashing lights in the road, and about half a dozen cop cars. we got curious and watched it pass, and it looked like a GIANT box, being pulled by a semi, and pushed by two dump trucks, with police escorts in front and behind. what the hell?! we talked about it for a few minutes and did our shopping. on the way back to 29, we still see it ahead of us, whatever this, THING, which we decided was either aliens, or dragons. we got behind it and there was a dozen cars going about 15 miles an hour down the highway. granted, it was 0200. but everything was so, weird! there was a cop car that kept doing U turns, and even flashed his lights at a truck that passed the opposite way, so the truck pulled over, the cop turned his lights off, and kept going. what the hell?! why was he watching the traffic behind this, box like dealio? at a few points during the hour drive home, this ginormous thing took up three lanes of the road. it was seriously, so confusing. what needed THIS much servalliance?  we were surprised there was no helicopters above the damn thing! when we got to the end of the highway before the big hill on 62, all the trucks and cops stopped and got out of their vehicles. i seriously thought we were in some horror movie. but we were waved to go around. it looked like, maybe a huge oil rigger? but where were they going? this thing took up two lanes, it wouldn't possibly get onto base. it didn't even go through the truck route. and how the FUCK did this thing get up the grade? on the side of the trucks it said they were from LA... THAT would have been interesting. it was the most confusing night of my life, we still have no idea what the hell happened. 
when i walked in the door i swear i would have called Mike to tell him about the craziness of the desert after midnight. it sucks that i can't just pick up the phone and call him anymore. i know that it would have given him a good laugh.
just one more day down without you babe.
Hurry Home. :)

Miss and Love you, Forever Forever.
Mister Guppie.

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