Saturday, June 11, 2011


Day 71; Operation Deployment.

ahhh! Skype FINALLY worked. though we were both exhausted, he got up super early and we video chatted for, no joke, about 3 hours. then we Skype IMed for a little while before he had to head into work. it was, so perfect. we covered all the bases, we talked about what's been going on between us, and Mike and Ryder played with each other for a little while. we decided that while he was there, sharing a Facebook was the best way to go about things. since clearly, I'm not on the good side of trusting him. he was perfectly fine with it, and even got on and uploaded some photos he had someone take of him for me. it made me smile SO big. i love seeing him out there! every little thing helps.

i love joking around about homecoming with Mike. he's just such a tard. he was telling me that he's gonna be taking his clothes off on the way home. while driving. and then running into the house, while carrying Ryder, in his underwear. he's just such a nerd, i swear.
[7:35:11 PM] kimberly susannah nelson: pft yeah right
[7:35:20 PM] kimberly susannah nelson: youre gonna need a new uniform. =]
[7:35:32 PM] Mike Nelson: haha
[7:35:42 PM] Mike Nelson: ill be taking that off on the way home
[7:36:48 PM] Mike Nelson: pull our luck again while driving eh eh
[for those of you that don't know how Ryder was conceived, read the just above statement.]

looking at my husband, the man that i married, and who's child i raise everyday. my heart broke some more. i told him, i had no idea where things would go with us. but the fact that for once i actually SEE him changing, is a whole new world for me. no more empty promises. talking about our son and thinking of the way things will be when he's home, i do have a little bit of hope. and the way this past week or so has been, he's helped a lot more than hurt, which he usually does. i know it's going to take a lot more. that i can't flip a switch and things are perfect again. but i was damn right. i knew i'd see him, and fall back in love again. that most feelings will go down the drain. it felt really nice to sit and have a conversation with my husband, even if he was halfway around the world.
tonight; he's here with me. <3

[8:23:02 PM] Mike Nelson: oh wow lol
[8:23:17 PM] Mike Nelson: and yes i would love it if you were the one putting it on me lol
[8:23:20 PM] Mike Nelson: ackward
[8:23:42 PM] kimberly susannah nelson: ahaha thats who we are. ive been putting your cream on you since like, month two of us dating. i miss it
[8:37:46 PM] Mike Nelson: are we better nowssss??... ppappa plzz i just want you to be happy i love you so much it hurts thinking about it
[8:40:46 PM] Mike Nelson: no need for you to be gone, im sorry for any hurt i put towards you i just wish i was there to fix it.
[8:41:07 PM] Mike Nelson: i just want to be there now, holding you now, and whispering in your ear how much i love you
[8:41:57 PM] kimberly susannah nelson: i know you do babe. i know you are only gone because you have to be. i just wish you understood what hurts me, you never realie what youve done is wrong
[8:44:26 PM] Mike Nelson: i do realize it all now, all ive been thinking about is that and any way to fix it but really i cant fix it except show you when im home im all yours, no one elses and you are my baby girl and my world, and wanna have ten kids with you

[9:02:25 PM] kimberly susannah nelson: lol, like i said, just letters. :) and you running from the car carrying our kid, in your underwear. lmao
[9:02:44 PM] Mike Nelson: lmao
[9:02:54 PM] Mike Nelson: i can actually picture that
[9:03:48 PM] kimberly susannah nelson: youre such a dork. i dont wanna picture it. :P ahaha
[9:04:38 PM] Mike Nelson: haha ya i see us forgeting our keys or something
[9:05:19 PM] kimberly susannah nelson: shit id do you on our front walk. ahahaha
[9:05:32 PM] Mike Nelson: dont tempt me to pull something crazy
i LOVE my husband, btw.
just sayin'

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