Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 78; Happy First Daddy's Day in Afghanistan!

Day 78; Operation Deployment.

Dear Daddy,
I am sad that i havent gotten to meet you yet but Mommy assures me that you love me and miss me and that when you come home you will be a great daddy.
i know that you wish you were here already but i understand that you have to be far away right now.
whenever i hear mommy tall about you, i smile and giggle.
i know it makes her feel all better, and i'm here so she is never lonely.
she tells me that i look like you, and i have your chin and nose.
and your smelly farts too, it's like you never left.
i have your feet and your long eyelashes, but my strawberry blonde hair comes from the both of you.
i like sitting in my new bumbo chair like a big boy, and watching Wizards of Waverly Place.
Mommy won't let me watch Tom and Jerry until you get home because that's something you should show me, and i can't wait to watch it with you!
i sleep on your side of the bed now, next to mommy. and more than likely still will when you get home, at least in the mornings, since we like to snuggle, so you can join us, but it'll be a fight to get to my mommy! i think i love her more than you do! hehe.
we're almost halfway to seeing you, and i can't wait to help make your welcome home sign and decorate.
whenever i sleep, which is a lot! i dream of you, i know who you are, i stare at you on Skype, mommy talks about you all the time, we carry your picture wherever we go, and we look at more every night.
and even though we haven't met yet, i love you more than you can imagine.
i'm your mini me, and i want to grow up to be JUST like you.
so please Daddy, come home soon!

Love, Ryder.

Happy First Daddy's Day Michael Patrick!
Come Home and Meet Your Son!!

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