Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 77; 11 Weeks Down!

Day 77; Operation Deployment.

today; i have been without my husband for 11 whole weeks.
some days it feels longer, some, it feels like he JUST left. 
however, we are close to the halfway point and i couldn't be more excited.
halfway, is a big, big thing.
it's all downhill from there.
with planning Homecoming, making signs, making last care packages, getting cute outfits, for at the bus, and that night after. [oh la la.]
it's getting the house all cleaned, and in my case, ALL re arranged.
and dreaming about Post Deployment leave.
brings a smile to my face, but breaks my heart at the same time, i really do miss him, so very, very much. 
we can do this baby!

this morning i woke up and met Amber at the Commissary, where we discovered we should NEVER have to buy food for just ourselves. toaster strudels, an ice cream cake, cookies, and fruity pebble rice krispie treats later, our few week food shopping was done. LOL!
then i went to Kirsten's to visit her and baby Amos for a little while. Ryder has a new friend! the first little one he's met. Kirsten and i were pregnant together and Amos was born about a month before Ryder. and Congratulations Mommy and Daddy because HE ROLLED OVER TODAY!
it was nice to visit another new mama and share what we went through, and i hope we can keep each other company more often!
Mike would be proud of me tonight. hell, i was proud of me. i ate a real meal, i kept my cool, i did loads of laundry and folded all Ryders. i even took the baby AND indy for a walk, which was a struggle at first but the three of us made it through. i swear i need to be an octopus to get everything done around here in one day!
i bleached the floor, did the dishes, washed all the bottles, cleaned the counters, and then beasted the bedroom and rearranged EVERYTHING. and let me tell you, that shit wasn't easy. everything is heavy wood and i completely switched it all around. 
i made a July checklist of all the things i needed to buy and/or get done.
i made a Walmart checklist for the next time i go, though i will have to spread out the things i want/need.
i paid the only bill i had this paycheck, because the other two are taken out automatically.
and it's a little after 0100, and i STILL have energy.
i love the way my house is coming together and i'm so excited that it will finally be a home.
there's so much i wanted us to do to it before he left but there wasn't much time, with training, predeployment leave, then the last month, it just didn't happen. we kind of threw everything where it would fit and left the walls white. 
well, that's all changing. :)
it was kind of emotional, with the songs i was listening to, the youtube videos i was watching, and just changing everything in general was difficult. 
but i know that the changes I'm making are great and the moment he walks through that door, a brand new life begins.

so Hurry Home My Love!
We Miss and Love You!
Stay Safe, and No Guppie Guts!

there is NO good angles to take photos in 801. lol!

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