Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 82; Ryder's Two Months.

Day 82; Operation Deployment.

Today, my son turned two months old.
it happened all so fast, he is growing into a big boy, and now my little newborn.
though, he is still in newborn clothing, lol!
i took him to the base family pool and he honestly loved the water. he wasn't too sure of it at first because it was cold but as long as he was in mommys arms he did fine.
he stood in the water for a little while then decided he wanted to go night nights, so i got a slight sunburn, in weird positions, because i was holding him.
i videoed him for Daddy, but wished he was here to swim with us himself. 
i'm sure in his heat, he wanted to be there as well!
Happy Two Month Birthday, baby boy!
Mommy Loves You!

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