Monday, August 29, 2011

day 151; saving someone else.

day 151; operation deployment.

tonight, i tried saving a life.
sitting here typing this, i have no idea if it made a difference. but for once in my life, i stepped up and did what i felt i needed to do.
i went to Moniques house, as i usually do on Sundays, and while i'm unloading my car of my child, a man and woman across the street were screaming at one another. now, i try not to get involved in other peoples personal business, but i overheard, after all the "fuck yous, go to hells" i hear,
"don't you dare drive like that when there's a baby in the car."
this pickup truck was driving like a maniac. going back and forth down the street and in and out of the driveway, going about 50 an hour. just yelling and screaming at this woman i suppose to be his wife. she's absolutely screaming at him. i went inside and put ryder down, and continued to listen. mo said they had been going at it for a few hours. but when i heard about the baby, i knew i had to do something.
as she's threatening to call the cops, i leave ry inside, and i walk to the end of the drive way, telling her not to worry, that i was already dialing the police for her. the man overheard me, and started threatening me. 
finally, i held my ground. 
i talked to the dispatcher and told her what was going on, as the guy in the truck took off with the baby. i walked up to the woman, who was getting into her own car, to ask if she was okay. she told me she was fine, as she loaded about a 7 year old child into her car, and informed me that they were leaving. she told me the child was in the carseat, didn't give me a name of the guy, and said they had just gotten the truck so she didn't know the plate number.
and she drove off.
about 20 minutes later a deputy knocked on the door and asked us for what we knew, and said they would keep an eye on it for us. and to call back if we heard anything else.
i know, it more than likely didn't do much, and there was nothing the police could do with the man not present, but at least i tried.
when a man tells a woman to "fuck herself" i know it isn't right.
when i was 19, i couldn't help myself, i was yelled at constantly, and knocked around. and lost a child because of it. i wasn't about to stand by and watch that happen to anyone else in the world.
finally, after years of abuse, i have the guts to make a stand in this world. i have my feet on the ground and i am no longer terrified of life. 
and tonight, at least i can say that i tried.

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