Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 144; Ryders FOUR Months!

day 144; operation deployment.

ah, my baby boy is 4 months old today!!
he's crazy smart!
and makes the silliest faces which i have no idea where he gets them from! 
he drank from a sippy for the first time today and he did pretty good! though he thought it was a toy to play with.
i watched him roll on his play mat from back to front, then front to back. he likes all his toys. he fell asleep under them and when he woke up he went right back to playing with them.
he giggles, alll the time. he thinks me clapping his hands together is hilarious. he likes being sung to, even though my voice is terrible.
he's puke free! finally fixed his tummy problem.
and he's gaining more weight.
he doesn't like his vegetables, and monique discovered today he loves fruit by the foot. the blue kind.
he usually sleeps through the night but has been having an issue lately, so i hope that stops. and he only naps for 20 minutes unless youre napping with him. which works for mommy because sooner than i want, he wont wanna be snuggle anymore.
his hair is turning more blonde everyday.
he likes pushing up with his legs, rather than being sat down.
when he's tired, he will tell you by putting his hand on your face, rubbing your cheek, or putting his fingers to your lips for kisses, and puts his hand on his head.
he grabs everything now, mostly mommys hair.
and i love him more and more and more and more everyday!!

ahaha, mo!
so these last few months i have really learned to love it out here.
monique and i talked and ever since we have gotten closer. she's helped me with my house and i have helped her as much as i could with a baby. she just moved into her new home and we went crazy last night with my mac. we made stupid vides dancing around her kitchen and took photo booth pictures. i am really going to miss these nights with her. seeing as when the guys get home our lives stop at 1600 haha. its been a wonderful deployment now that i have found a true best friend. and im really glad we had that talk. :))

my niece and nephew started first grade today. made me a sad bug. i remember when they were babies, so tiny and small like ryder. and now theyre so grown up!

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