Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 137; hello again.

Day 137; Operation Deployment.

hello again, dear blogger.
today i became a proud owner of an Apple computer.
after almost two months of a retarded computer and NO skype, my dear, wonderful, amazing husband, bought me a Macbook. :)
i can now see his freaking face whenever i want to.
and i'm not going to lie, i'm pretty much in love with this thing.
Dixie. <3

this week, has been a pretty damn good week.
we got the date for our homecoming debrief, a rough window, and leave dates.
oh, the end is near. i couldnt be more excited. 
i love how monique and i just hang out and randomly say the time we have left, then we giggle and squeal.
i'm really glad things have taken a turn for the better in our friendship. i couldn't have survived at all without her.

i finally, after about two months, got to see my husband in motion yesterday.
and i do have to say that it really was heaven.
i had a big cheesy grin on my face the entire time.
Monique let me borrow her mac so that i could see him, and we Skyped for a few hours yesterday morning.
it made me realize even more how much i missed that man. ive only been living on emails and phone calls once a week and then bam, i see his face again. his face AND voice, put together. not just photographs, the real freaking deal.
he hasnt seen Ryder holding his bottle, or holding his head up for that matter. or smiling and laughing and playing with his hands like he loves to do. until yesterday. i havent seen anything of him, all his funny faces, how he raises his eyebrows. it was simply, just perfect.
and i just want to hit this stupid fast forward button and have him back where he belongs already!

it's been a long day, of me being sick, ryder being sick. and helping mo pack because she gets the keys to her new place tomorrow.
so i'm going to shower and go to bed.
i love my mac, and having the internet and Skype back.

but more than that i love my silly husband, that still captures my heart more than i ever thought possible.

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