Friday, August 19, 2011

day 140; 20 freakin weeks.

day 140; operation deployment.
oh, the weeks are counting down so fast. i now look forward to fridays every week. because were almost done! i cant fucking believe it. but thank freakin god!
i am so incredibly over all of this crap. i can't wait to hold my husband at night and wake up to his sleepy face. 
my slobber more than likely all over his chest like old times. and more than like a tiny baby between us, halfway like old times. 
now is the time to start homecoming banners and the last care package to be sent. letters written and that next "hello" to be planned.
time can not move fast enough for me, and of course, i'm sure him. ")

p.s. i love our midnight skype dates. <3

and i am pleased to announce that today was a good day for ryder. little mister only threw up ONCE today, rather than every feeding. and i hope it stays that way. he needs to be puttin some meat on his bones! he's getting way too big, way too fast, and it's super fucking sad. 
and it looks like he will be my only baby for awhile. "(

stay safe guys.

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