Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day Sixteen; Mister Moo.

Day Sixteen; Operation Deployment.
i got my 5th Care Package since Mike has been gone today. 
another 30 pound box from my wonderous mom.
and that's when i realized how spoiled this child really is.
it was my "baby shower in a box" and there was lots of cute things for baby in there.
one being this cow stuffed animal and blanket.
i still have yet to find out my obsession with cows. i have long past given up trying.
it really made me miss her, presents were wrapped and though i got to talk to her on the phone, it wasn't the same as her being in front of me, of course.
it made me sad that i knew Mike wasn't coming home later so that i could show all the cool stuff to him.
it was a rather emotional moment.

however, as i've said before, i know i know, everything is now ready.
i had a productive day.
i did the dishes, laundry, scooped the poop, cleaned the table, dusted EVERYTHING. got boxes to send to Mike, filled up the truck, which honestly i almost forgot how to, seeing as i can't remember the last time i pumped it myself, took out the trash, and then fell into a small coma.
I'm 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant.
that was a load!
and got a much needed warm bath at the end of it all. :)

I got to talk to Mike a little bit tonight.
it's the first time since he got my not so nice message about his little friend.
who again, saw i posted something, and had to do the same.
i had unblocked him to see if Mike would delete the comments, so he saw what i wrote.
and Heather posted how much she missed him on there. ::palmface:: you cannot miss someone you don't even know! and haven't seen in forever.
but i was NOT very happy to see those things and i really, really, thought about deleting him and i told him so.
that all this was so uncalled for, i can't even post something to my husbands wall without it being mocked.
i miss the boot camp days with letters, there was drama there still, but at least i didn't have to read or hear about it!
he IMed me saying "hey sup"
and when i saw it pop up i thought it was another Mike Nelson on my friends list, yes oddly, i have two.
and, it was my husband
hm, hey sup to your wife?
pardon me?!
so, it didn't start off so well, didn't really end up all that well either.
but i knew he was alive, safe, and well.
i hate that i have to bring up stupid shit to him when he's half a world away.
but i stopped feeling bad about it this morning when i realized all this should have been fixed about a year ago and then neither of us would be dealing with it.
this newest comment he posted, was appropriate. it pissed me off regardless, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the two before. 
but he did end up deleting ONE post, the worse one. but only one? Mike, you really are special.
i just rolled my eyes at that. what a man, half assing everything.
but for the night i was done thinking about it. 
i'm just really, really done with these people.
it pisses me off how much i let them get to me, when i sit there and try to tell myself NOT to let it get to me.
but i really can't help it. and Mike will REALLY need to do something about it when he gets back, oh don't worry, i'll make sure of that.
being a husband and a daddy, and being their "boy".. arent an option anymore. he can not have both when they're STILL pulling crap like this.
i'm putting my foot down for the sake of my son.
nice knowing y'all. =]
well, not so much.

oh and p.s. 
my toes still look amazing.

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