Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day Nineteen; Eviction Notice!

I have been fighting an inward battle with myself on a handful of things.
i am doing okay, you don't have to worry. but it stinks regardless.
i just had never expected things to get this way, not now. 
regardless, i HAVE to hold it together for the sake of my son.

I had my final baby doctors appointment this afternoon.
after shipping Mikes first care package of little things he's been asking for. 
there still wasn't much progress with him, i was fairly disappointed.
he is estimated between 7 and 7 and a half pounds currently.
and he got his Evitction Notice Date.
that of course, i will not be announcing.
there's light at the end of the tunnel afteall. it makes this all so much more real and terrifying.
i can honestly say, i can't wait for him to get here, i am very scared, but i have my friends support and hands to hold, i know that everything will be okay. 
my entire life is about to change, i have never wanted to embrace anything more in my entire life.
i am SO ready to be Ryders Mommy. <3

i've decided not to update every night, seeing as my life equals nothing right now.
i went to the library today. =]
and i sleep a shit ton. 
but i more than likely won't update as often as i had planned to. 
oh well, more time gone!
less time til.

stay safe, wherever you are.

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  1. Congratulations! I know you don't want to release his birth date and I think that is amazing! Your hubby should definitely be the first one to know and I would do the same thing :) Just wanted to say good luck and congrats on your new baby boy whenever he may get here <3