Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Fourteen; Two Weeks Down!

Day Fourteen; Operation Deployment.
wowee! time really has flown since Michael left.
i honestly' can't believe it's been two weeks already!
it has been incredibly weird without him around, but time has really flown and i couldn't be more thankful! i just hope it stays that way!

i woke up to a text saying i could pick up the glider i wanted, it's really the ONLY thing i've wanted for this baby. so, i was pretty excited.
and THEN, hubby was IMing me on facebook. he misses me and he listens to our songs alot. which is a good thing because every time i get into the truck to drive somewhere, he haunts the radio and some song or another comes on and reminds me of hims!
we talked for a little while but then he had to go. =[
but later on the CLB7 Facebook page put up a picture of him!
he looks sooo goofy bald. and he's still as skinny as ever, i hope the snackies I'm sending in the care package here soon fattens him up!
it was amazing seeing him, it almost makes me feel like he's still in 29 Palms, trapped at his shop.

my handsomes!
[clearly, the dating is wayyyy wrong, lmao!]

i took a little nap before my doctors appointment, and i got a reserved mommys parking spot, which, NEVER happens.
but the appointment was pointless and it really made me angry.
i saw someone i hadn't seen before, and he was on call for delivery.
i was in the room a whole 5 minutes!
he basically said, since i wasn't contracting regularly and i didn't want my membranes stripped, to make an appointment again for next week.
he checked the babies heartbeat, which I'm pretty sure he mistook for my own, and he didn't even check to see my progress. like really? i didn't even have time to ask ANY questions because he was called back up to deliver another baby.
couldn't you have gotten someone else to see me then?
needless to say, i was NOT happy, and I'm really done with being pregnant!

after yet another nap, yes, i napped twice today, i decided to go to WalMart and get lots and lots of stuffs for Mikes first care package.
when i got out of the truck a lady asked me if i had boughten the truck locally, at the dealership we bought it from. i guess the truck whose to be hers and she traded it in. i just thought it was random and funny. glad she did, it might be a gas guzzler but i LOVE our truck!
after our last phone call, i started to feel kind of bad that i had waited so long. 
so i made sure to spoil hims.
it really made me miss him though. i thought long and hard on what to get for him. he kind of makes it difficult. lol. and i got Ryder a "manly cow" since the other cows i have for him are girlie and we can't have that!
then i saw a cute shirt with a skateboarding monkey on it and i giggled because that's my husband RIGHT there. so i had to buy it and i got it in 6-9 months in hopes he can fit into it when his daddy is here.
and a cute little preemie outfit JUST in case he isn't as big as he should be by now. it will be his Easter outfit.
because i am determined to have him out and home by then!
so we can color easter eggs!
man I'm going to miss him being in my belly, but I'm going to love having him in my arms, FINALLY!

two weeks down; too many more to go.
i love and miss you sweet boy, stay safe and come home to us soon!

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  1. I have ALWAYS wanted a glider I got a rocking chair but not as. Comfy :)