Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 24; Introducing Michael Ryder.

Day 24; operation Deployment.

Since Daddy was able to get the play by play from Auntie Amber during the birth of our son, i will share the story.
but still know, he will always be first. =]

On April 21st, i started having contractions on and off throughout the day. before going to Ambers, i lost my mucus plug. thtw as around 1645.
On April 22nd at 0130, after leaving Ambers house about an hour earlier, i lay in bed to red when i felt something warm between my legs. knowing something wasn't right, i went to the bathroom and was greeted by a clear fluid just kind of, falling out. thinking it was done, i was honestly going to go to sleep until morning.
but then more and more kept coming.
so i packed my bags and called Amber and went and got her and Brydan and drove to Naval.
yes, I'm that stubborn that i demanded to drive.
the contractions got worse, but i was admitted into Labor and Delivery room 4.
i ended up getting the epidural at 4 CM, i just could NOT handle it.
At 8am, i was dilated to a 6. i was progessing well, the contractions were so stong i still felt them through the epidural, just not as bad,
at 4 PM, i was still at a full 6 cm. i had stopped dilating so we dressed in scrubs and it was off the C Section.
Amber in Scrubs and all, i lay there, just waiting.
but the pain medication didn't kick in.
i felt them slice into me.
i can't remember if i screamed or what but the next thing i know, I'm woken up 2 hours after my son was born.
i remember nothing. 
i asked if it was a boy about three times. and what color hair he had. thats all i cared about.
i was all hazy until i was wheeled back into my room and i hear the most precious cry in the entire world.
and i see Amber walking towards me in her scrubs, and hands me
my son.
Michael Ryder Nelson was born at 1713 on the 22nd of April, 2011, at the Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital in Twentynine Palms, California.
He weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces, and was 20.1 inches long.
he is the first born of Kimberly Susannah and Michael Patrick Nelson.

 Everything about the past 4 days has made myself, my marriage, the bonding with my son, and my family, stronger than i ever could have imagined. 
all because of this perfect, ten fingers, ten toes, package.
this entire experienceof bringing my son into the world terrified me.
 i was so scared to not have Mike there, but i was so thankful that he was able to talk to me through facebook chat the entire way through it. we were a team, even from opposite sides of the world.
that alone made us stronger.
Amber and Travis stopped being my friends this weekend, and became my family.
things i would never want my husband to see, Amber saw
she held my hand and talked me through the epidural, she made me laugh when i was stuck in bed. she wore her daddy band and dressed in scrubs, just to hold my hand, hug and kiss my forehead goodbye.
she was the first person to hold my newborn son, she texted my mom pictures and called to tell her i was doing fine.
she gave my husband the play by play on what was happening and when.
she had Ryder waiting for me when i was wheeled back into the room.
she stayed with me, and never left my side. 
she made sure i was drinking plenty of water, and she fed and changed Ryder when i still couldn't get out of bed.
All the while, Travis was there for her and i both emotionally, and made sure my dogs were fed.
he even talked to my mom when we were working on getting released because my phone was dying and i was packing up all my things.
he was waiting at home for us, to help introduce Indy and Holly to Ryder for the first time.
and then came over later that night when they had gotten out, to help find them.
they tell me i could have done this without them, it was just nice to have support.
but honestly, without them these last 3 weeks, i don't think i could have. 
my family is so incredibly blessed for all the things they have done for us, and we only met them a few months ago. 
they are my best of friends, and i hope that Ryder and Brydan will grow up close, seeing as they are making us move to Minnesota! lol
it brings both my mom and i to tears when we talk about them now, my angels in disguise. i can not thank them enough, just for everything. i don't even think they have a clue on how much my heart melts when i think about the Tilseths. that's one name i will never forget, and i will forever know, that we are truely blessed.

having Ryder has been, the most important thing that i have ever done in my lifetime.
he is the sweetest, most loving baby i have ever met.
and it amazes me that Michael and i, created this extraordinary little baby, just the two of us.
he means the world to both of us. even if his Daddy is in another country right now, i know he'd do anything just to be with us.
i would go through it all over again if i would have to.
it's just the three of us against the world now!

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