Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 51; Week Seven Down.

Day 51; Operation Deployment.
Day 28; Baby Ryder.

Well, another week down. Week 7 Demolished.
and honestly, it's getting harder and harder being away from him.
it doesn't help that communication is down, so for the next few weeks we won't get to talk much.
everyday i wake up and hold our son, the one thing he wants to do more than anything.
everyday Ryder does something that i wish i could call Mike into the room, or even grab my phone and text him about. but i can't.
i don't know when he can check my emails, or get online at all for that matter.
i don't know when he will get my letters or my care packages.
all that makes all this, and him, seem so much farther away than normal.
things with Michael are changing fast. finally it feels like were on the same page. finally it seems like all the missing pieces are back in place. except, he's not here.
we had so many hope and wants for when the baby got here, we talked about it since before boot camp even. and he isn't here to make it all make sense for me.
i have no idea how to make all this better for him, from here. i try as best as i can.
i just hate how all three of us, my husband, our son, and i, wake up every morning with broken hearts from being apart. it's sad, but i know Ryder knows somethings missing.
it's been a rough week of missing him now, more than ever.
it doesn't help that i stay up late writing our story or looking at old photographs, or writing him letters.
he, is honestly, the only thing on my mind.
no matter what it is that i happen to be doing.
::sighs:: Oh Michael Patrick.

i promised you that i'd be waiting.
at HomeComing you'll see i do.
You promised me to Come Home Safe.
baby, please Come Home Soon.

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