Friday, September 16, 2011

day 168; the HURT book.

day 168; operation deployment.

while i was sitting in my therapists office the other day, i couldn't help but think.
what has this strange lady have in common with me?
i highly doubt she has gone through anything i have ever been through. instead of focusing on why i was there, she was digging into my past for nothing. she had my on edge like i was about to say the wrong thing. i left that office a different woman and i realize, counseling really isn't for me. what i need are the men and women around me, that have gone through pain, have known hurt of some kind, to pull me through. what this world needs, is a place to come together. to share their stories anonymously, to read others stories to know that theyre not alone. sure, there are plenty books for this, but where is the closeness in typed words?
and then, i got a brilliant idea.

the hurt book.
you remember those silly chain mail letters you use to do in elementary school where you wrote the same letter ten times and sent it to another person, and that person did the same? and it was sent all over the world?
what if we all did that, in a composition notebook, or two, or three?
but we shared our stories? we made a collection of them and passed them throughout the world to one another, and have more than one throughout the united states. no one has to know who you are, all you have to put is your first name, and your state. you can write as little and as much as you want to. and pass it on to someone else.
no one will be judged, or over analyzed. no one would feel like an outcast. it would just me, an outlet. an outlet that can't be done with just an email.
a place where, you will always fit in. to share all your hurts and secrets.
and no one can put a name to your face. 

if i get enough people interested. please pass this post around. i will start my story in book number one. 
i will make a list of rules and start collecting addresses, and setting up an email list.
i would like to collect $2 from each member, for shipping costs.
i will take inputs as to what you all would like to see come of these books. 
to help YOU.
without the costs and expense of counseling.
without the feeling of being judged.
and to let the world know.
that they are never alone.

please email;
if interested.

if i get even 10 people interested, i will start as soon as i possibly can to help you all get you stories across. these stories will not go anywhere that you don't want them to go. after each writer, i will ask for them to be sent back to me so that they are not lost amongst everyone. a bubbled envelope will do, which doesn't cost very much at all.
the home base will be in california, however my main goal is to get the book(s) to each state.
when each book it finished, i plan to keep all the stories private. if you wish to have them published, i am willing to do so. i will wrap all stories up into one book after 6 months time. 
if this takes off, which i very much so hope that it does, i will create more books to pass around. anything from crazy in laws, deployment, pregnancy and beginning motherhood, to relationship problems.
if you do not wish for your story or questions to go anywhere, i wouldn't mind individual notebooks. at $2 per member, or $3 per above member. just start your story, anything you want to say, or know, or want advice on, and send me an email, i will give you my address.

please, lets stop the worlds hurt.
write it down.
and speak out.

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