Tuesday, September 13, 2011

day 165; love story.

day 165; operation deployment.

everyone deserves their own happy ending.
their own love story.
it may or may not happen the first, or even second time around.
it may happen when your heart is completely full, or completely broken.
what IS a love story?

it's a song only you and the one you're meant to be with know the words to. the sounds that make up your life together. skate wheels on the pavement, the revv of a motorcycle engine, silly noises, country music blasting in your pickup truck. the sighs from anothers lips, the soft, sweet whispers in the night. the sound of a pen, on loose leaf paper, the opening and closing of a mailbox. the tapping of a laptop keys, the "ding" of an email. the fist cry, of your newborn baby boy.
love is the tears shed. 
of sorrow.
of happiness.
of complete and absolute love.
love is telling each other everything.
anything that you can think of.
of bearing your bleeding heart and soul to one another, and knowing you will not be judged, or seen differently. it is the courage of truth.
love is in the fights, the battles, and the making up.
love is falling apart, but together. into one another. the beauty is in the breakdowns. and your lover wiping your tears away.
love is the movement.
chest to chest.
toe to toe.
breath by breath.
love is never easy. however it is something that comes natural. when the timing is just right, the best loves are when you least expect them. it is worth the pain. love is never something to be settled upon. there is no definition of a perfect love. but a person that is perfect, for you. love is having the courage to know the difference between pushing through, or walking away before time is too late. love deserves more than one chance. 
love; never fails.

i wish that everyone in the world gets the chance to experience their own love story. stories that do not have perfect endings, some, that have ending, some, with none. when you love someone, hold a piece of them with you forever. no matter how much it hurts. a piece of every person that you have loved in your lifetime, follows you, wherever you may go. those pieces help shape you life,  your story. never settle for anything less than you deserve. never run from something that you can not live without.  don't give up the best thing to ever happen to you just because you are a little unsure of who you are. if you love someone, never let them go.
never. ever.
let them go.

fight out every battle, because in the end its worth it all. it's not fair to go through life not being loved as one person should. to envy others for their stories. because you didn't have the courage to go outside the world and make your own. feel that twinge inside yourself at love movies, romance novels.
have the courage to go out, and stumble upon your own.
i bet you will never forget a word of your own story. 

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