Saturday, September 10, 2011

day 162; 23effinweeks.

day 162; operation deployment.
i'm worried for the guy because of september 11th reunion. just like i was when osama was killed. i hate that they have to be out there. now mike and steven in two seperate places. i know that they will be safe, but i still worry.
please ask your guardians, as i have my own, to watch over Support Company of clb7. and wish for a safe return for all of our brothers.

tonight we went on a midnight sonic run, like fat kids. every single time we have moments like this, i know how badly i'm going to miss them. so incredibly much is going to change when the guys get back. we know we will make sure to have our girls night just us once a month. but we can't pick up and say "i'll be over in a few minutes" because our lives stop at 1600 every day. we're both so stoked to have them home. but we won't be ourselves anymore. we have another human to think about, haha. it's going to be one giant adjustment for all of us. especially us with Ryder.  makes me so nervous, it's getting so much closer now!!

today, i believe i finished getting everything i needed for our house. low on money until next pay but i must say i am rather impressed at how much different the house looks, its far more like a home now. and i know mike will love it. feel more like a family. i wish i could upload pictures! but i kind of want it to all be a surprise for mike when he gets home! i swear he's going to be so lost! lmao. i seriously can't wait. but then again, not too much longer before his internet is cut off, sooo i might upload them all then. hehehehe. regardless, i'm proud of this house. but i can't wait until build our own! <3

looking back on all our old pictures.
i'm fucking amazed.
at how much we as individuals, and as a couple, and now as parents, have changed. it blows my friggen mind. i have to do double takes. i remember everything about every one of those days. even if i don't want to. i'm still constantly staring at the computer screen whenever we skype, or yahoo message. wondering, who is this.. man?! this brand new husband of mine! he's a completely changed person, in every single aspect. and i have never been more happy. our marriage has done a complete 360 as to what it was a few months before. i have began to trust him again, and attempt to take my wall down around my heart, and knowing he wont hurt me again. its going to be an amazing fresh start when he gets home.

now, if only i can sleep until this is over.
someone, wake me up, when September ends! <3

twentythree weeks down.

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