Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 117; His Name is RYDER!!!

Day 117; Operation Deployment.

so, my mother in law seems to think it's cute to call my son by the wrong name.
every time she does this, i want to punch her in the face.
on my sons birth certificate, it states;
Michael Ryder Nelson.
not the same middle name as his father however, he's a little Michael, so we add in Junior.
that was our choice.
it was ALSO our choice, to have him go by Ryder.
Dear Retarded MIL,
i have taken to calling her Granny, whatever name i choose at that moment.
because for the last 3 months, she's called Ryder by his correct name maybe, three times. whenever she emails my husband, she says "can't wait to see you and michael jr."
first of all, clearly, I'm included in that package. wanna see them? gotta see me as well.
second of all, how ignorant do you ahve to be?
LOVE, how after dealing with all the bullshit for almost 2 years, getting married, and popping out your first grandkid, you still can't respect me enough to call him the name we have chosen to call him.
if i wanted to nickname his assface, you'd better call him assface. because I'm his mom, and i run this shit. i raise him, you call him, the name we have CHOSEN for him.
you call my husband Mike, you call me Kimmy.
we're Michael and Kimberly.
you're Patricia, you go by Trish.
this is the same fucking concept.
if Mike wants to call him Junior, that's fine. he's Ryders dad, he can call him whatever he wants to. and if that's special between the two of them, let it be. Michael has that right. you, however, do not.
i'm really, really, getting sick of all this bull.
every time i check my husbands email, i want to punch her in the throat.
mostly because, there's never anything there, when he told her, he checks it frequently. she can't even email him once a week even! or send him anything for his birthday! she decides to send boxes of snacks, most that Mike can't eat, after the halfway point, for his entire Platoon. that REALLY bugged me, you can't even send him his own things?
even my mom, sent him at least a REAL birthday card, and not an Ecard. 
and you wanted to see the first moment your son, meets his son... why?!

i don't know. this Deployment has made me into a cold hearted bitch. this isn't even about me anymore. this is about my husband and my son. she says i try to take him away from her, and them.. but how can i when he's in Afghanistan? and nothing changes. she emails every few weeks, she doesn't ask him about his son, or how he's doing really. she doesn't know the first thing that he's been through, or is going through. she's asked me once recently about Ryder. i gave her cheerful updates, then she says no more about him. i long ago stopped going out of my way to keep her involved, hence why i deleted them from my facebook. you don't get a free for all any longer. you're not a family, unless you act like family. blowing off your son in Afghanistan and not giving a damn about your first grand child, isn't being a family. and it's really making me start putting my foot down, and it will take a shit ton of convincing to say yes to them coming here during Post Deployment leave, and no, they won't be staying in my home next time. they are, basically, complete strangers to me.  and even now, to Mike. so what gives them the right to come out here? because she gave birth to him and went to some sports games while he grew up? because from what I've seen and heard, that's all she's ever done. this is really getting out of hand and i will no longer stand for it. i stood back and watched from the sidelines, what would happen now, if i didn't interfere.
nothing happens.
and that will get you a one way ticket the hell out of our lives.

i no longer care if she reads this, this is absolutely insane. and it disgusts me at all costs. i read these emails and my stomach flips and my heart aches for my husband.
there is nothing in them, at all, that he needs to hear.
she talks about her work and the heat in Indiana, when he has it ten times hotter, and far more longer days. where he can't come home and crack open a soda, eat his popcorn, take a long shower, and get a full nights rest. he doesn't care to hear about your "shitty days"
because i know, he would KILL to trade you places. 
even i, would love to trade you places. your life, is so easy compared to ours woman, be fucking thankful. for once in your entire freaking life!
you know what, what do you guys think i should do?
email her this so she can knock it the fuck off?
or let it go and let herself bury herself more in my book?
because she's out of control and IF i allow her out here, again, and yes, she's shown me that this is no longer a when, but an IF, i might have to slap her.
honestly, Mike deleting his facbeook was the best thing to happen to us.
because it has shown both of us who just talks to him because it's easy.
and who doesn't give a damn when it becomes something they have to do out of their way.

all this makes me sick to my stomach.
but i do have to thank his mom.
for the lack of a parent she has seemed to be to my husband.
it has turned him into such an amazing man.
and i know when he gets home he will be an even more amazing daddy because of it.
she tends to think it's because how she raised him.
when in fact, it was lack there of.

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