Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 106; 15 Weeks Down; 15 To Go.

Day 106; Operation Deployment.
ah, the sweet, sweet sound of halfway.
from now on, there will be less days until i see him.
than days since i last did.
double digits instead of triple.
i can't fucking wait to see that man!
i mailed my 8th care package today.
Ryder has a Doctors appointment on Tuesday and he gets his shots.
my parents will be here in a little over 2 and a half weeks!  :D
the one thing i have been looking forward to this Deployment.
my laptop is still crashed.
and now my phones messing up.
sure as hell makes for communication to be difficult.
and i couldn't be more frustrated!

Ryder is now mobile! he rolled over three times in a row today and oddly, i caught all three on camera.
he is now on rice cereal at night.
and nanas in the morning.
he has been crying and screaming the last two days and i think it's because he's going through a growth spurt and wanting more food.
he's already on 4 ounces, any more and he throws it up.
babies are such an experiment!
all week, he has been sleeping AT LEAST, from 11 to 7.
sometimes he falls asleep earlier, sometimes wakes up later.
i'll take it.
he is FINALLY in size one diapers.
not so much because he's too big for newborn ones, but because he leaks trough them, he pees more.
still in newborn clothes, starting to outgrow them though. he's in between sizes. and pants without feetsies jammies flood on him super bad.
this kid's gonna be hard to shop for!

the house is almost done, other than some last minute things and clean ups.
and after my parents leave, it shall be complete so i don't have to worry the last two months. 
crazy... the one thing i have been waiting for, when it's over. there won't be much time left.
and in thos two months i'll be super busy getting things ready.
i hate thinking about it, gets me too stoked. 
i just can't wait for him to get back and us to start over.
Ryder to meet his Daddy!
and Uncle Nicky and Uncle Neu to meet hims!
there's so many promise i have made to myself about homecoming and after homecoming and i know that life will for sure be taking a turn for the better.
we're just going to... start over.

i can't wait. 
Happy Halfway.

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