Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 104; making a difference. POLL.

today, the one person i thought knew me best.
asked me to censor what i write.
nothing personal.
this angered me greatly, no one has an idea.
i have been writing since i was 7 years old.
and if he continues to push the issue, he's going to find himself left for a notebook and a pen.

i want to know.
and i want to show my husband,
how much i actually do make a difference in the world from my blogs.
i have almost 6,000 page views in under 4 months.
i have gotten so many messages on how i have helped certain individuals because of what i write.
so, lets show him.

1. follow my blog.
2. make a comment on this page.
3. "Like" my link on facebook and/or leave a comment.

don't worry, no one can break me.
 i will never stop writing.


  1. I love reading your blogs! The strength you've shown in going thru labor and taking care of a newborn all on your own is inspiring!

  2. We haven't met. I follow your blog and find the strength you have to pursue every day admirable and inspirational. I know you're just getting along. But still.

  3. Girl, don't let anybody get you down. I think it is wonderful thing you are doing. People should not take it personally or be offended if you write about yourself.

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  5. Writing and reading can cure people. Writing, has gotten me through Daniel's deployment, my hero's death, and my mother's domestic violence. Writing, is a passion of mine that I do for myself.

    Reading your blogs help me, help me understand you and even understand myself or some situations of my life. Your blogs get me thinking, and every reader wants to feel help and accomplishment. When you figure out things in your life, or figure out goals, you typically feel accomplished.

    Writing is a gift, certainly one you have Kimmy.

  6. Or I should say, IS getting me through his deployment..

    <3 you kimmy.